Hemos implementando un nuevo software de riego y el reciclaje de todos los restos de poda

Estamos trabajando en la implementación de un nuevo sistema de riego y en el aprovechamiento y reciclaje de todos los restos de poda generados, más de 300 m3 de biomasa vegetal,  para el acolchado de una parte de los árboles del camping y la mejora de las características del suelo. De nuevo te pedimos que nos ayudes en la conservación y mantenimiento de toda la vegetación del Camping y en especial los ejemplares más jóvenes y vulnerables.

Durante el primer trimestre hemos realizado la poda de todos los cipreses y moreras del camping. En los últimos años hemos incrementado la inversión en la infraestructura verde ya que vivir en contacto con la tierra, con las plantas y rodeado de árboles nos reconforta, nos equilibra y nos proporciona salud y bienestar. De otra parte no entendemos un camping o una ciudad sin árboles y pensamos que los árboles deberían considerarse una infraestructura de salud en las ciudades.

Nuestra filosofía es gestionar El Camping como un establecimiento de alojamiento turístico sensible con el clima y respetuoso con el medio ambiente en un espacio abierto, natural, vivo, dinámico y a la vez frágil a diferencia de otros establecimiento construidos y perdurables.

-50% on Winora bike rental

Walking and cycling helps to improve and maintain our level of health.

It improves the mobility of the legs, maintains strong bones, tones the muscles and helps us control weight, diabetes, blood pressure and reduces anxiety, stress and insomnia. Walking and walking in a group favors social relationships.

We recommend the route from the campsite to Faro de Salou, «Punta del Caball» and long beach at Cape Salou.

50% discount on Winora bike rental, promotion subject to availability.

Outdoor life is healthier, in contact with trees and vegetation «with vitamin N»

Good weather is the perfect excuse to meet with family or friends and make a different plan outdoors, such as resting or preparing a meal under a tree, elm, mulberry, olive, pine, etc.

There is nothing better than the fire of the barbecue, to give the meat or fish its most natural flavor, with respect to the fire, we must not begin to roast the meat until it reaches a uniform heat. The secret of the flavor of the barbecue is that the meat is in contact with the iron and when varying the height of the grill we will give it the right cooking touch. An idea to flavor the embers and thus improve the flavor of the meals cooked on the grill, is to add some aromatic herbs such as thyme, sage, fennel, basil, rosemary.

Although meat seems to be always essential, vegetables and seafood are also foods that can surprise us cooked on the grill. Fresh vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to almost all grilled foods, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, onions, green asparagus in slices and we can even serve them on skewers as skewers. They are always ideal to accompany both meat and fish or to take them alone.

A barbecue besides being the perfect occasion to share with family and friends, is a delicious way to eat all kinds of food.

In Reception we rent a barbecue with charcoal.

«Els Cactus» terrace menu with healthy and light prepared dishes

Menu bar cafeteria «Terrassa Els Cactus»

You can consult online or download the pdf of the menu of sandwiches, tapas, wines, drinks, coffees, liqueurs, salads, paellas, pasta, pizzas, meats and fish.

Enjoy a healthier cuisine with the flavors of the Mediterranean diet in your plot or bungalow with our menu of tapas, salads, rice, fish and poultry, made with local products.

New tree plantation and irrigation renovation

This winter we have planted more than 100 specimens of olive, laurel, mulberry and cypress trees.

We are also renewing the irrigation network to get a more sustainable campsite and performing maintenance on the entire green infrastructure.

We attach a photo of the advanced spring we are having with the flowering of the pinus pisardi located in front of the terrace.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for your trust


Camping La Pineda de Salou wants to thank you for joining us during this year 2019.
We wish you a good Christmas in the company of your family and friends and a prosperous year 2020 for all.

During the next year 2020 we have many novelties, with improvements in facilities, energy efficiency and the implementation of more green and sustainable innovative solutions.

Party of pirates and corsairs in La Pineda

On the weekend of July 13 and 14, the sound and the powder of the trabucos will break, at midday, the summer rest of the inhabitants of La Pineda, in Vila-Seca (Tarragona), on the occasion of the National Meeting of Trabucaires of Catalonia. With the motto ‘Pirate attacks against Vila-seca and the coast of Camp de Tarragona’, this year’s edition will recall the violent and convulsive past of the Tarragona coast, in the constant spotlight of pirates and corsairs. The event will include a spectacular recreation of a pirate attack in which about two hundred people will participate.

See program of events

Games for family fun

The campsite offers its guests free of charge, in the Porch area located on the central street, different games for family fun and enjoy playing ping pong, billiards, table football, chess, board games and card games. Ask at reception for the necessary material to play and find out about the games available for children and adults.
You can also take advantage of charging the battery of your mobile phone or other devices at different electricity points in a room attached to the «Porch» area.

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