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5 reasons why you should travel in September

September 1, 2022

Surely you are clear why traveling in September is better than traveling in other months, such as August, but it never hurts to remember some of the very convincing reasons to choose September as your vacation month. Whenever possible, of course!

1. It is cheaper

One of the main reasons why September is an ideal month to travel has to do with our economy. Hotels and flights are, in the vast majority of cases, cheaper than in the months of July and August. For that reason alone, it is already worth reserving a few days in September to travel, but the good thing is that there are a few more reasons…

2. There are fewer people

It may not be as important as saving money, but the fact that there are fewer people in September in our vacation destination is also something to appreciate. Above all if we choose beach areas that are full of people in July and August and that in September they brim with tranquility.

3. Temperatures are more friendly

Although this summer is being a bit strange in terms of weather, it is normal that in September we enjoy much more pleasant temperatures than those usually registered in the months of July and August. And we don't say this only because of the beach destinations that you can choose, but also because of the mountain places or the cities that you choose for your vacations. Touring Rome, for example, is more pleasant in the second fortnight of September than in the first of July.

4. You run away from stress

September is a stressful month for almost everyone. It is the month of back to school for children, but also back to work for those who have enjoyed their vacations in August. If you have had to work in August, especially if your boss was away, you have probably faced it in a more relaxed way than any other month. Now the stress of September that is for others, that you go on vacation!

5. You give envy to others and not the other way around

Who laughs last, laughs best. And if you travel in September, you will laugh more and better than those who went on vacation in July or August. Why traveling in September allows you to laugh more and better? Well, for all the above reasons, especially for saving money, and because that person who perhaps boasted too much about their vacations in July or August will now look at you with envy because it is you who is going on a trip.

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