Campsite with 12.000 trees and shrubs

Green Zones and Environment

Living in contact with the earth, with plants and surrounded by trees comforts us, balances us and provides us with health and well-being.

The green infrastructure of the campsite is made up of more than 12.000 shade and ornamental trees typical of the Mediterranean climate (mulberry trees, elms, poplars, willows, pines, olive trees, acacias, melias, thujas, cypresses, etc.). Large garden areas with various types of palm trees, Mediterranean vegetation and a highlight is the garden of cacti and fatty plants, which you can enjoy while having a drink on the cafeteria terrace. In the camping area and in the areas of bungalowThe color green predominates with all its nuances, which provides us with serenity and relaxation. The trees and vegetation of the campsite create a friendly and stimulating landscape. Every year we plant more than 50 trees and we ask you to help us in the conservation and maintenance of all the vegetation and especially the youngest and most vulnerable specimens. Nature is our passion, and we have great respect for it, which is why we acquire the commitment to develop our activity with the maximum respect and protection of the environment, continuously improving, whenever within our reach, environmental techniques and practices. . Living in contact with the earth, with plants and surrounded by trees comforts us, balances us and provides us with health and well-being. Our decalogue of good practices:
  • Compliance with existing environmental regulations.
  • Promote the minimization and recycling of waste generated at the campsite to achieve more optimal management.
  • Install 12 yellow containers for packaging, 10 blue containers for glass, 10 brown containers for organic matter, and 10 containers for cardboard and paper.
  • Take the appropriate measures to achieve a rational use of drinking water.
  • Plant preferably native vegetation resistant to drought and use natural fertilizers.
  • Take advantage of rain and well water for drip irrigation of trees and plants.
  • Gradually implement energy efficient lighting.
  • Inform and raise awareness of good environmental practices among workers and customers of the campsite.
  • Avoid noise pollution, keeping sound activity at an adequate level.
Introduce our clients to the different trees and plants of the campsite to raise awareness and promote respect for the environment. These are some of our tips to incorporate into your camping trips and stays
  • Don't forget to buy a non-toxic sunscreen and a flying creature repellent.
  • Take time to cook your healthy meals or snacks and cut back on packaged goods.
  • Use reusable (washable) dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils as single-use dishes generate a significant amount of additional waste. With the reduction of waste we help to improve the environment and we will save a few euros.
  • If you do not have the necessary equipment for camping, choose to rent it, borrow from a friend or buy used equipment in good condition, waterproof and suitable for three seasons.
  • Practice the principles of leaving no trace. Whether you are an experienced camper or a newbie; Leaving no trace is your responsibility with climate change and a principle to always keep in mind to continue enjoying nature and life on this planet.
  • Plan ahead and check equipment before heading out
  • Respect the campsite's hours of silence and rest and move around the interior on foot or by bicycle.
  • Use the wastebaskets. Do not throw cigarette butts, bottles, paper, cans or other small waste on the ground.
  • Select the waste and deposit it into the corresponding garbage cans.
  • Help us take care of trees, plants and biodiversity; avoid damaging green infrastructure and trees by driving nails or screws.