Last minute. -20% per 3 nits. Decomptes progressius and flexible conditions

Reserve with flexible conditions and decomptes progressius fins -30% in plots and bungalows or mobile homes for stays from 2 or 3 nits.

Covid-19 Information; Instal·lacions with limited aforament for a vacances a l'aire lliure. 4 ha holiday park. with 3 pools, sense cues.

Hem implemented when camping a set of measures and protocols to preserve health and guarantee the safety of our installations, applying the best possible level of eco-responsibility in all of our practices.

Advance booking per l 'AUGUST; from 07/08 to 30/08/2020.

 2 [literal] Nights [/ literal] nights-la-pineda   -15%
 3 [literal] Nights [/ literal] nights-la-pineda   -20%
 4, 5 [literal] Nights [/ literal] nights-la-pineda   -26%
 6, 7, 8 [literal] Nights [/ literal]nights-la-pineda   -30%

Li oferim a guarantee of reservation canvi sense desires and flexible conditions By booking in advance, you will be able to modify the dates of your stay in an allotment or parcel·la sense cap càrrec. The costs for a possible difference in the rate according to the applicable rates, valid promotion for confirmed reservations, subject to availability and not cumulative to other offers.

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FINAL PROMO OF L'ESTIU. Bungalow equipped for 2/4 or 4/5 pax. I came to gaudir de les piscines, platges, fishing or snorkeling

Special price allotjaments equipment type B1 for 2/4 people, C1 and C3 for 4/5 people. Minimum stay 2 nits

Promo only 24 h. - Non-refundable rate. 

S'inclou the use of the outdoor pool heated to 28 º C, and the free camping services.

Optional: have lunch, tickets to Aquópolis and Port Aventura, go-kart and bicycle llogger.

You can consult more information and schedules to visit Tarragona the House of the Festival of popular culture and the Tarragona Port Museum with activities for families and schools, free entry.

Promotion valid for confirmed reserves and cannot be combined with other offers.

Informació Covid-19; Hem incorporates last generation technology and equipments for the net with water vapor at 140ºC, disinfection for dry boira and purification of the environmental air to the installations through UV class C.

[button_reservas accommodation = »7, 8, 10 ″ promotion =» noreem »] Online reservation (promotional rate paid 100%) [/ button_reservas]

SUPER Offer for an experience with agglomerations, in Parcel·la «Premium» with Wifi, lunch, swimming pools, solarium, extensive beach.


Reserve avui i gaudeix de l'esmorzar with a reduction of fins to 60% + decompress fins to 30% of a minimum stay of 4 or 5 nits According to the period of the non-refundable rate in the Premium camping parcels.

Access to the heated pool at 28ºC with hydromassage + 2 hours of kart Berg, a parking space and WiFi 2 free accesses.

Reserves confirmed for a minimum stay of 5 nits in low season and 5 nits in high season; tindran l 'ESMORZAR including a special price, to the Terrassa «Els Cactus» from 8 to 11 hours.

Lunch consists of: 1 got of suc (taronja, pinya, poma or préssec), 1 pasta (croissant, Neapolitan or magdalena) or 1 minibocata of (pernil, formatge or fuet del pais) + torrada amb mantega i melmelada, 1 Cafè amb llet or llet with Cola Cao or iogurt.

Pressupost and online availability with minimum guarantee.

This offer is subject to availability and cannot be combined with other promotions.

A l'estiu, servei de Restaurant climatitzat amb Mitja He thought with the beguda inclosa.

[button_reservas accommodation = »1 ″ promocion =» noreem »] Reserve (PROMO, Pagamanet anticipat 100%) [/ button_reservas]


PORTAVENTURA + Bungalow equipped with tickets from 1-2 days to the Port Aventura & Ferrari Land parks.

PORT AVENTURA OFFER, only confirmed reservations after 26 August. 

Minimum stay of 2 or 3 nits in Bungalow / Mobile home equipped for 2/4 or 4/5 people + optional lunch + bonus on tickets to Port Aventura Park and Ferrari Land.

In order to reserve, you must select the entry packs to Port Aventura per Adult, Nen / Senior següents:

  • PACK 1 DAY - 2 PARCS (PortAventura + Ferrari Land), per Adult, Nen / Senior.

Minimum stay 2/3 nits - 2 people. Bungalow equipped for 2, 3 or 4/5 pax.
Included in the price are tickets reserved for adults, children / seniors to Port Aventura, the pool heated to 28 ° C, the children's pool + free WIFI.

You can book online, for stays on August 14, 2020. Check availability and price online.
This offer is valid if it is a prior reservation via internet and is subject to availability, it is not cumulative with other promotions.

Circuit Wellness, bike llogger, Berg karts, charcoal barbecues.

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Special price with CAMPING KEY Europe card or NOMBROSA FAMILY card + decompte

PREU ESPECIAL online Premium of 80 m2, delimited by various trees and Mediterranean vegetation, for holders of the Camping Key CKE card or Nombrosa Family Card, from € 25 for minimum stays of 2 nits fins on September 23. In low season 2 free hours of Kart Berg.

The price includes 2 Pax + a free WiFi connection and electricity 220 V - 5 A.

It is essential to indicate to the online reservation comment department the name and number of the valid CKE / Family Name Card card that is to be presented together with the confirmation of the reservation.

[accommodation booking button = »4 ″]

Bungalow equipped for 2/3 adults + 1 or 2 children with Wifi and optional lunch.

Included in the price is the use of the heated pool at 28ºC with hydromassage, the 25 mx 12,5 m pool with an aquatic slide, the children's pool and a parking space.

Take the seva stay for lunch including and buy online tickets to the Port Aventura theme park for 1, 2, 3 days or at aquatic park Aquópolis & Delfinari. The most petits of the family, under 10 years old, have in Aquópolis exclusive areas for them like Funny jungle or Mini park for gaud to have an experience in an aquatic park and connect the sensations that is Viuen a l'aigua.

Also to Gaudí Center of Reus to visit the greatest center of interpretation of the architectural work of the Sagrada Família and connect the solutions that will be projected for the approfitament of l'aigua to Parc Güell, didactic molt exhibition that the whole family recome .

Offer valid for a minimum stay of 2/3 nits.

Free 1 Kart Berg blogger for 2 hours. This offer is valid if there is an online reservation, it is subject to availability and cannot be combined with other promotions.

Novetat: S'accepten gossos de -15 kg In some allotjaments of type B2 and C2, payment will be served according to availability.

(Also li oferim «La Targeta Genial - El paisatge dels Genis» At the same time, a breakdown of 20%, which allows us to discover the lands of Tarragona from the university artists: Gaudí, Pau Casals, Joan Miró and Picasso).

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SENIORS + 60 years, special rate Camping & Bungalow with free lunch

PREMIUM PLOT OF 80 M2 / BUNGALOW TYPE B1 and C2 for 2/4 people with lunch included + discount 34% in low season.

Per stays from 2 to 24 nits from April 30 to September 23, 2020. Check online for special discounts per stays at Juliol i Agost.

Free lunch for a minimum stay in low season of 3 nits in bungalow and 6 nits in camping for other stays or seasons consult preu net.

4 nits stay at Juliol i Agost: -26% of decompile

Stay of 7 nits to Juliol i Agost: -34% of decompte.

Serveis inclosos: Continental lunch, Wi-Fi 2 access, outdoor pool heated to 28 º C with hydromassage. Free connection of water and leave for stays in low season, as indicated in the configuration of the stay in the reservation form.

Senior Golf Promotion: Green Fee from Lumine Golf Club to La Pineda (davant del càmping)

This offer is valid if it is for a previous reservation over the internet and is subject to availability, it is not cumulative with other promotions

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Breakdown in parcel of 30% per nens fins at 12 years + 2 hours of kart Berg de franc

Special prices in Parcel·les Estàndard and Premium with a minimum stay of 2 nits in low season and mitja i 3 nits in high season (11-07 to 20-08-2020) with a reduction of 30% per nens / nenes d '1 to 12 years (maximum 3 nens).

From 2/3 nits d'estada 2 FREE HOURS from Kart Berg. Breakdown of 25% per tenda extra with a stay of at least 2 nits in low season and 3 nits in mitjana and high season.

Included in the price is the use of the heated pool.

Valid promotion for stays on September 23 to Premium or Standard pitches.

If you stay allotjar-se in a Premium plot with free Wi-Fi, you can offer from 5 nits the contract online for continental lunch at preu reduït.

This offer requires you to make a prior reservation online, it is subject to availability and cannot be combined with other promotions.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Circuit Wellness: € 8; Barbecue + carbó: € 8.

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Camping 6 km from the city of Tarragona ideal for Esdeveniments i Grups

«A l'estiu gaudiu dels services and installations of the Camping to connect with nature and visit the Roman heritage, photo of the Pont del Diable».

Instal·lacions for courses, workshops, esdeveniments and esports:
Air-conditioned multipurpose room of 60 m2 equipped with TV, Wifi, tables, cadires, etc.
Equaliptus area with picnic areas outside, some protected from the sun with a clothesline.
Punt d'aigua, desguàs, electricity and selective recycling of waste.
Multisport court with artificial gespa of 420 m2 for the practice of soccer, basketball, handball.

Equipments d'aigua:
Semi-olympic outdoor pool measuring 25 x 12,5 meters, 475 m3 of water drawn with saline electrolysis, with a maximum depth of 2,20 m, marked with swimming lanes and aquatic slide safety zone.
Outdoor pool heated in spring at 28 º C, measuring 12,5 x 6 meters, 80 m3 of water drawn with electrolytic saline with a maximum depth of 1,20 m with dolls of water for a hydromassage of cervicals and outlines .
Multicolored children's pool for xipollejar of 25 m2 with a maximum depth of 30 cm, reserved for children / s fins to 10 years accompanied by a responsible person
Aquatic slide of 36 meters in length, rising 4,50 meters with a wide stretch of 0,90 m. Accessible to qualsevol banyista and in particular to majors of 8 years with a rise higher than 1,30 m sense accompanying.
Solarium with loungers, dressing rooms, dutches and lavatory for people with reduced mobility.
Wellness area with sauna, steam room, Dutch sensations, spa.

Lloguers, activitats and ticket sales:
Pedal Kart logger from the Berg brand, Barbecue with or without carbó, bicycles, refrigerators, safety boxes, electric extension cord normalitzat tipus schuko.
Activities: Visit to the Archaeological Museum, the Port of Tarragona museum, the Gaudí Center in Reus, etc. Guided routes pels monuments romans de Tarragona. Visit to cellers de vi or cava with tasting. Esports aquàtics (kayak, sailing, snorkeling)
Sale of tickets for Port Aventura, Golf Green Fee, Acquopolis, Gaudí Center, Ruta dels Genis «Gaudí, Miró, Picasso and Pau Casals», excursions to Barcelona, ​​to Montserrat to Delta de l'Ebre, etc.

Lunch / Mitja thought optional in Baixa i Mitja season.
Groups and Col·lectius at least 20 people.
In low season: minimum stay 2 nits.
In Mitjana season: minimum stay 2 - 3 nits.
In high season: minimum stay 4 nits.

Request pressupost per a grups and col·lectius by e-mail.

Ask to specify data of entry and sortida, type of allotjament, total name of people (adults + 16 years), (children / adolescents 6 - 16 years), diet and service that vulguin to contract or use.

It is essential to indicate the name of large-age people who will join the group with those responsible for the lesser-aged people registered with the Camping and with the owner / s of the bill.

Bungalow & Wellness + Lunch from € 38 person / nit


From 38 Euros per person / nit (minimum 2 nits, 2 pax). Children 1/12 years allotjament free in bungalow type B1 for 2 adults and 2 children. Low season special rate.

This includes lunch, the use of the heated pool 28ºC. with hydromassage + 1 WELLNESS CIRCUIT D'UNA HOUR IN PARTICULAR SESSIO.

The SPA CENTER of the Càmping has the following services and activities: changing rooms, dutxes, heated outdoor pool with hydromassage, hammam or bathtub, sauna, spa, dutxa tonificant de sensations, dutxa kneipp.

Offer for fins stays on June 19.  
This offer is valid if it is a prior reservation via internet and is subject to availability, it is not cumulative with other promotions.

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