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How to choose the right campsite for your next vacation in 2023

23 January 2023

Staying in a campsite is one of the most interesting ways to enjoy your vacation.

However, do not think that going camping means setting up your own tent, sleeping on the ground for several days and washing up in community showers after waiting for a long time in an endless queue. Or at least, it doesn't necessarily mean this.

Cada vez están más de moda los campings verdes con instalaciones confortables y adaptadas a las necesidades de los clientes, cuyos servicios son comparables a los de un hotel de cuatro o cinco estrellas y que disponen de diversos tipos de alojamientos, incluyendo comodísimos bungalowSW mobil homes.

Currently, it is known as glamping, this union between what is glamor and camping. In other words, the combination of the benefits of camping in the open air and in contact with nature, but with the equipment and comfort of conventional accommodation.

These are some of the things to take into account when choosing your campsite in Spain for the 2023 holidays.

Make sure that the campsite has good swimming pools or even a water park.

The camping pool is not just a place to bathe, without more. It is the place where community is made. And particularly, if the idea is to stay in a campsite with your children. There they will enjoy for hours and they will coincide with other children with whom they will surely exchange experiences, at the same time that they will play.

Some campsites even have their own slide or water park. Probably it will not be facilities like those of Aquopolis Costa Dorada in La Pineda or other large water parks that have various slides, black-holes, pirate-labyrinths, but surely your children will have a particularly good time.

Ask about activities with children

A good campsite should offer children's activities and entertainment. Particularly if you are going to stay in a campsite in the company of your family.

The animators encourage participation in the activities through a previously designed program. The best campsites manage programs that include aquagym sessions, aquazumba, all kinds of games, workshops or even acrobatics and music shows.

Ask about the different types of accommodation

In the sixties of the last century, camping was synonymous with camping. Later, the caravans arrived.

Sin embargo, en la actualidad, uno puede hospedarse en varios tipos de alojamiento dentro de un camping, entre los que el bungalow es la estrella. Los más simples, probablemente solo cuenten con una habitación, un baño y un salón-cocina. Sin embargo, también existen bungalows un poco más grandes y amplios, que pueden dar cabida a familias enteras, como si de un pequeño apartamento, bien equipado, se tratara.

Además de los más populares bungalows, algunos campings disponen de otros tipos de alojamiento, como mobilhomes, lodges al estilo de un safari africano, etc.


Does the campsite have a healthy gastronomy?

There are more and more campsites that have an added value in their gastronomy. We are not talking about buffets at a fixed price, but about healthy gastronomy, with seasonal dishes and local products or kilometer zero.

Take the opportunity to visit the area. Do not always stay at the campsite.

Although there are more and more campsites that offer services so that the guest can enjoy their facilities all day, do not stay perpetually in the campsite.

Take the opportunity to visit the area. For example, if you are staying on the Costa Dorada in Tarragona, take the opportunity to enjoy the beaches and coves of Cap Salou, to get to know the towns of Reus, Montblanc or the Cistercian route and to learn about the Roman past of the city of Tarragona.

It is for this reason that it is worth making sure that your accommodation for your next getaway or vacation is located in a place where it is relatively easy to live new experiences or discover interesting places.

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