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Tips for traveling by motorhome in winter

1 March, 2023

If move on motor home in summer it is one of the best ways to travel, Why not do it in winter too? Walking the roads covered in frost, enjoying the icy landscapes and seeing how nature is covered in a white mantle, are some of the joys of traveling on wheels. Before doing so, it is recommended to take into account some little tips so that throughout the trip there are no surprises and the experience is repeated over and over again.

How to enjoy the motorhome in winter

Have a good temperature

When traveling by motorhome in winter, one of the main factors to take into account is the temperature. have a good calefacción, a good isolation for camping in winter and reservation of water tanks hot and gas cylinders, are the essential factors that emphasize from CamperDays. It is also important to make sure that the camper has the right tires for this time of year and the weather conditions that occur.

The perfect campsite

Although in winter it is low season in the world of camping, it is advisable book the motorhome as soon as possible, because more and more people are enjoying this form of leisure and travel in the open air. In the same way, they should take into account the campsites that open throughout this season. Before you hit the road, make sure the places where you plan to spend your next nights are open, as you may be in for more than one surprise. As an alternative, you should know that cities, towns and villages have car parks focused on this type of vehicle, so you will always have the possibility to park in one of them.

ski motorhome

One of the funniest plans to travel by motorhome is to take advantage of enjoy skiing and snow. In the winter season, it is common for more and more areas close to ski resorts have parking and areas enabled for motorhomes, permallowing travelers to enjoy the full experience.

Many of these spaces also have their own winter sports programs and offer buses to the nearby slopes. In the case of Spain, you can check campsites near ski slopes such as Navacerrada, Sierra Nevada, Formigal, among many others.

What to consider when camping in winter

La climatology It is the main factor on which camping in winter depends. In areas with snow and ice, from CamperDays, it is advisable to park -as far as possible- in areas without snow or ice, so that when it thaws, the motorhome does not sink or tilt. “The best thing is to place the chocks, which are usually part of the basic equipment of your rental camper, under the wheels. In case of doubt, you can also ask for boards at the campsite and use them. Release the handbrake after parking and cover it to prevent it from freezing.

El use of hot water This is something that should also be taken into account. “If you fill the boiler with hot water, use it so that the warm water comes out, since the cold can freeze in the pipes when the temperature is below freezing. The ideal is to heat the waste water tank of the caravan. If this is not the case, you can ideally direct the water from the campsite's outdoor stream into a bucket through a hatch or valve. And finally, it is always better to use the campsite's mains electricity to conserve the battery.