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Festivities of Santa Tecla in Tarragona from September 14 to 24, 2021

The Fiestas de Santa Tecla, patron saint of the city, are recognized as a festival of national tourist interest.

During 10 days Tarragona presents an extensive program with hundreds of activities. Traditional elements such as the Castellers stand out, music until the early hours of the morning, fireworks, dances, clowns, theater, circus, workshops and lots of fun. The main days of the festivities are September 22 (Eve) and September 23 (Santa Tecla day).

• On the first Sunday of the Holidays the “Diada Castellera” (Castellera Day): brings together the most important “castle” schools in Catalonia, as well as the two most prominent groups in the city.

• Day 19, the “Santa Tecla Petita” (Little Santa Tecla): early at night the Moixiganga places the handkerchief of the Holidays, taking off some turrets, in the image of the patron located in the street of Santa Tecla, right next to the cathedral. The reproduction on a children's scale of the Popular Procession and the Castles carried out by adults in the central days stands out.

• Day 22, “La Vigília” (The Eve): ritual entry of traditional musicians into the city. In the afternoon, the first full outing of the Popular Procession, dramatic dances with critical verses and a complete representation of the Moixiganga, which, through turrets, executes the mysteries of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The night continues with the Verbena, a party with numerous musical performances throughout the city, ending at dawn with the departure of the dulzaineros and drummers.

• Day 23, “Diada de Santa Tecla” (Day of Santa Tecla): departure of the Popular Procession to accompany the municipal corporation in the morning and in the afternoon to the Procession of the arm of Santa Tecla. It ends with an impressive performance at the gates of the Cathedral. At night a magnificent fireworks show takes place at Punta del Milagro.

• Day 24, “La Mercè” (La Merced): at noon the castellers go up and down the twenty steps of the Cathedral staircase with a four-story construction, and then take it to the Town Hall. At night, fire parade "Correfoc" (Fireworks) with the most important groups of devils and beasts in Catalonia.

More information and program of the festivities of each day:

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