Equipped bungalow + PortAventura, with 1-2 days tickets to the Port Aventura & Ferrari Land parks.

PORT AVENTURA OFFER, only confirmed reservations before August 26.  

Minimum stay of 2 or 3 nights in a Bungalow / Mobilhome equipped for 2/4 or 4/5 people + optional breakfast + bonus on tickets to Port Aventura Park and Ferrari Land.

When making the reservation you have to select the tickets for Port Aventura for Adults, Child / Senior, following:

  • PACK 1 DAY - 2 PARKS (PortAventura + Ferrari Land), for Adult, Child / Senior.

Minimum stay 2/3 nights - 2 people. Bungalow equipped for 2, 3 or 4/5 pax.

Included in the price are reserved tickets for adults, children / seniors to PortAventura, the use of the heated pool at 28ºC, the children's pool + free WIFI.

Reservation for stays until August 14, 2020.
Check online availability and price. This offer requires a prior reservation online and is subject to availability, not being cumulative to other promotions.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: 1h Wellness Circuit; Berg kart rental, bicycles, charcoal barbecues.

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PORTAVENTURA + Bungalow équipé avec des tickets 1- 2 days pour les parcs Port Aventura et Ferrari Land.

OFFRE PORT ADVENTURE, uniquement for reservations confirmed avant le 26 août. 

Minimum stay of 2 or 3 nights in Bungalow / Mobile-home equipe for 2/4 or 4/5 people + petit-déjeuner in option + bonus aux entrées of Port Aventura Park and Ferrari Land.

Lors de la réservation, vous devez selectionner les tickets pour Port Aventura pour Adultes, Enfant / Senior, en suivant:

  • PACK 1 JOUR - 2 PARCS (PortAventura + Ferrari Land), pour adulte, enfant / senior.

Séjour minimum 2/3 nuits - 2 personnes. Equipe bungalow for 2, 3 or 4/5 pax.

Including the prix sont des tickets reserved for adults, children / seniors in PortAventura, the use of the heated pool at 28 ° C, the pool for children + free WIFI.
Faites votre réservation en ligne pour les séjours jusqu'au 14 August 2020.

Verify the availability and the prix en ligne. Any offer requires a reservation that can be arranged online and is currently available, with a cumulative pass from other promotions.

ACTIVITÉS OPTIONNELLES: Circuit de bien-être 1h; Location of karts Berg, vélos, barbecues au charbon.

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