Beaches and Coves

Fine sand and clear, calm, shallow waters

Beaches and Coves

The beaches of La Pineda and the coves of Cap Salou constitute one of the greatest attractions in the area, they are of fine sand and clear, calm and shallow waters.

The beaches of La Pineda and Cap Salou are one of the greatest attractions in the area, they are of fine sand and clear, calm and shallow waters. They are equipped with services for the little ones, such as entertainment, beach play centers, or children's attractions, and they also offer a wide range of sports activities, through the Nautical Station , from catamaran rides or cruises, to sailing courses, windsurfing, diving, kayaking, scuba diving, canoeing, kitesurfing, fishing or water skiing.

Just 7 minutes from the campsite are the beaches of La Pineda, gently sloping and surrounded by large green areas. 3,5 km long and up to 40 m wide, they are divided into three sectors, from north to south they are called Playa dels Prats, Playa de la Pineda and Playa del Racó. Next to them runs the Pau Casals promenade, a modern public space open to the sea, ideal to enjoy with the family.

At the Cape of Salou there are four coves and a beach, they are of greater natural wealth, although some do not have such direct access and, therefore, are quieter. Many of them are surrounded by nature, a fact that makes them very attractive places. The main ones are:

  • Llarga Beach: It has the attraction of being surrounded by pine forests and being quiet, since it is far from the most touristic places in the area. It is accessed through Replanells street, next to the coastal road from Taragona to Salou, and has a pedestrian promenade.
  • Cala Llenguadets: It is a small cove surrounded by nature, with transparent and shallow waters. It can only be accessed on foot by the Camino de Ronda that leads to the Salou Lighthouse, or by Carrer de la Torrassa.
  • Cala Penya Carved: It is a cove of great natural beauty that is located between Punta Roja and Penya Tallada, the rocky wall that juts out into the sea. It can be accessed through Calle de la Penya Tallada.
  • Cala Font: It is of fine sand and is flanked by rocks, the limits of the cove are natural and the accesses are easy and safe. It is an ideal place to practice snorkeling, since its calm waters allow you to enjoy the seabed and the many animal species that inhabit it.
  • Cala Crabs: Located at the furthest end of the urban area, it is one of the most attractive. It is flanked on both sides by rocky masses populated with vegetation, its sand is fine, and the entrance to the sea has a gentle slope, so its waters are ideal for swimming.