Tarragona city; festivals, monuments

A roman city

Tarragona city; festivals, monuments

The ancient Tarraco was founded by the Romans, and it became one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean.

We recommend La Diada Castellera de Sant Magí, on August 19 at 12.00 in the Plaza de «les Cols» in Tarragona.

The Castellera de Sant Magí Day is one of the most important of the season for the Xiquets de Tarragona, La Joven de Tarragona, the Xiquets del Serrallo and the Castellers de San Pedro and San Pablo. The stairs of the Cathedral and the Calle Mayor are filled to the brim to enjoy the constructions of the four formations of the city.

The city of Tarragona It has the oldest and most extensive Roman wall built outside of Italy, with the largest public square (Forum Provincial) in the Roman Empire, with a 217-meter-long aqueduct, considered one of the best existing examples of running water supply , with an amphitheater by the sea and an impressive 290-meter-long circus, among others.

In 218 BC, Scipio's troops founded the city of Tarraco as a key location in the second Punic Wars. In a short time the city became the brand new capital of the Roman province of Hispania Citerior.

Among the monuments and Roman remains of Tarraco are the Roman wall, the theater and the amphitheater, the Tower of the Scipios and the necropolis. On the outskirts of the city we also find important Roman remains such as the Aqueduct of les Ferreres or the Arco de Bará, a monument declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2000.

Tarragona offers a varied and typical Mediterranean and seafood cuisine, based on natural ingredients complemented by olive oil and wine. The "arrosejats", the "suquets de peix", the sea bream with salt and the "fish zarzuela" are worth noting. The queen of sauces is romesco that combines perfectly with all kinds of fish.

From the indoor kitchen, the calçotada and xató stand out. El Serrallo is the endearing fishermen's neighborhood of Tarragona, with fishing being one of the most important activities in the area, both in terms of the number of boats and the value of the catch.

In the fishing district you can see the fishermen repairing their nets, cleaning their boats and all kinds of traditional boats in which curious lamps used in night fishing hang.

In the fishing district of Serrallo you will find various restaurants with a great culinary offer, fish and seafood to savor the best romesco on the coast, rice of all kinds and fresh seafood from Tarragona "alive and well".