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A weekend in Imperial Tarragona, the other Rome

1 December, 2022

On occasion Tarragona has been described as the city of eternal spring and it certainly is. As soon as you arrive, the freshness of the sea breeze on your cheeks makes you aware that you are not seeing a mirage; the intense blue of the Mediterranean sea it blends with the powerful golden color of its ancient buildings, giving rise to one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen.

The large Wall rises like a giant with its cyclopean stones of more than 2000 years of history, surrounding what was one of the most important cities of the great Roman Empire, the capital of the Citerior Hispania o tarraconensis, and we are extremely lucky that it is part of our territory!

Architectural heritage of the Roman period

Hand in hand with the fantastic tour guides, I have literally walked through history between narrow alleys of small houses, dotted here and there with reused architectural elements from Roman times, such as the beautiful funerary stelae with their Latin writings where the beloved is remembered for all eternity. deceased and her husband.


And what to say when you are in front of the two most spectacular jewels of Tarraco: the Roman circus and  Amphitheater!

While you admire the Roman Circus, where the chariots rotated at full speed, you seem to feel in the background the noise of the public totally devoted to the spectacle offered by the skillful riders. And just behind, next to the Miracle beach, the Amphitheater stands proud with its imposing figure silhouetted against the intense blue of the sea. Numerous gladiators bled in that same arena, feeling in the background the clamorous screams of an audience totally inflamed with the spectacle offered to them by those brave warriors!

At dusk, we can discover the other side of the beautiful Tarraco

When the sun goes down to slowly give way to night, we can discover the other side of the beautiful Tarraco. Now its golden stones are illuminated under the warm light of the lampposts in a totally magical way, transporting us back to a very distant time among the long and dark corridors of the Roman Circus, all enlivened by tasting delicious wines from this ancient land. in an idyllic place: the roof of the Torre del Praetorio.

At my feet, the ancient Tarraco mixes with the modern Tarragona in a totally masterful way.
Well done Tarragona!
 There are few cities that learn to live with ancient remains, without getting entangled in the always dizzying progress.

Tarragona is much more, it is Living History!

But Tarragona is much more than spectacular views or incredible archaeological remains, Tarragona is a good rest in a charming apartment located behind the Cathedral, it is an excellent meal of fresh seafood in El Serrallo, it is centuries-old traditions through its castellers and gigantic, it is extensive beaches of fine sand… Tarragona is Living History!

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