Booking conditions for pitches and Measures Covid-19

Reservation process

  • The reservation can be made directly on our website, with availability and online prices with the possibility of paying by credit or debit card Visa or MasterCard with secure server or by bank transfer, and also by phone.
  • The payment to confirm the reservations will be:

o Pitches camping Reservations: From 25% to 50% of the total. 

  • Failure to make the payment before the date indicated in the budget or reservation document will result in the cancellation of the reservation.
  • Once you have received the corresponding payment, we will confirm your reservation by e-mail. This confirmation constitutes the voucher of your reservation, and must be presented at the reception on the day of arrival.
  • The amount received is considered a delivery on account of the total amount of the stay, and will be deducted from the total to be paid of the invoice, once discounted in case of occurrence, bank and administration expenses.
  • The client who arrives with a camping plot reservation will be entitled to a place of the chosen type, but the Reception reserves the right to assign the parcel number.

Modifications and cancellations

  • The confirmation e-mail of the reservation must be verified, and in case of observing any error, the user must inform the Camping within 48 hours.
  • Reservation cancellations must always be communicated in writing (fax +34 977373081) or by e-mail to; indicating the name of the holder of the reservation, number and date of confirmation of the reservation, reserved period and bank details or credit card number (if the payment was made with a card) of the holder of the reservation. Returns will be processed by credit card (if the payment was made with a card) or by bank transfer to the account holder, with a charge of 30€ in management costs. In the reservations made for the 2021 season, a reduction of € 15 in expenses will be applied.  
  • Refunds and refunds will be made within 2 business days following the date of acceptance and confirmation of the cancellation or refund by credit card or bank transfer to the account holder.
  • Cancellations more than 4 days before the arrival date, will recover 100% of the reservation amount.
  • Cancellations less than 5 days before the arrival date, will result in the loss of 100% of the amount paid.
  • The non-occupation of the reserved plot will result in the loss of 100% of the amount paid
  • Any modification during the stay, both the number of people and the days reserved, will be communicated immediately in Reception. In any case, the minimum amount to be invoiced will be for the period of days reserved and / or contracted. No refunds / discounts are offered for incidences of time, late arrivals or early departures.
  • Any change or modification of a confirmed reservation is subject to the payment of 15 euros of management expenses, free of charge during the 2021 season.


The arrival and departure times will be:

  • Arrival day: The pitch will be available from 12h.
  • Departure day: The pitch will be left free and in perfect conditions before 12 o’clock. If it is done later, it will mean the payment of an additional day.

Tourist tax

  • The tourist tax is 0.50 euros per person and night.
  • The fee is not included in the camping fee, will be billed together with the stay in a separate concept and will be paid at the time of registration.
  • A maximum amount corresponding to seven nights per person is established.
  • Persons of equal or less than 16 years of age are exempt from the application of this tax.

Important rules

  • Upon arrival, the entire contracted stay will be paid, deducting the part that has been paid as a reservation.
  • The price per night includes all the people indicated in the booking confirmation and a single vehicle. Any extra vehicle must pay the corresponding supplement.
  • A higher number of people (including children) is not allowed as the maximum capacity of each type of plot. Children under 10 years of age should always be accompanied by a responsible adult in all the facilities of the Camping, especially in the swimming pools and playground.
  • The users and / or lodged in the Camping must show the corresponding Entry and / or Identification Card at the request of the Camping staff or in the access control, and they must comply with the Internal Regime Regulations where the rights are regulated and duties of clients
  • All registered persons must take the additional protection measures necessary to maintain and guarantee their safety and undertake to comply with the hygienic and safety regulations of the Government Authorities.
  • The rules of road safety and road signs of the Camping vehicles must be respected, the nighttime silence schedule, respect the trees, keep the area of ​​the assigned plot clean of waste and collaborate in the reduction and selection of waste generated using recycling cubes / containers marked and located at various points of the campsite, aspects aimed at avoiding accidents, promote coexistence and the environment. General Rules and particular provisions that are exposed to the Reception Office.
  • Late checkout (departure at 3:00 p.m.), will only be allowed during the low season, with prior payment of the corresponding supplement and authorization of reception, except for bridges and events, depending on availability.
  • Dogs or other animals are not allowed from August 2 to 24. The animals must be watched and always tied and they can never be alone. The owner must register and submit the required documentation in Reception. Potentially dangerous breeds are not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to play dangerous games or sports, to practice illegal activities, to consume prohibited substances or to annoy other customers.
  • People who come as visitors, must go through reception accompanied by the owner of the reservation, to deposit the documentation of visitors and pay at the entrance the price of the visit. The visiting hours are 9h. at 9pm.
  • Prices subject to availability and variables according to season and periods of stay.
  • The electricity connection is schuko type to 220V and the service is conditioned to have 12 meters of standardized electric extension, for a rational use in lighting and appliances with a maximum power of 1,700 W. The handling of the general boxes is not allowed of connection and the use of cookers or other electrical appliances of a nominal power higher than the maximum or without grounding to avoid cuts and overloads.
  • Any reservation, even if it is confirmed, will be subject to verification of the data entered in the application and / or forms, and the Camping may cancel in case of error and/or breach the general contracting conditions published on our website and displayed on the notice board. Reception announcements.
  • To avoid damage from heavy rain and strong wind in a tent or other camping equipment, it is necessary to have adequate material in good condition, mounted and fixed correctly, resistant, waterproof and capable of supporting a water column of 4000 mm. on the floor and on the double roof. We recommend the use of quality camping equipment, suitable to the conditions of the Mediterranean climate and designed for 3 seasons
  • The customer will avoid all kinds of noises and annoying voices and will regulate the volume of their sound devices so that they do not cause discomfort to their neighbors. The rest time is from 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • From 24:00 hours to 7:00 hours, the circulation of vehicles inside the campsite is forbidden and the silence must be absolute.

RTC: KT-000085-84. V.05-2020

Measures taken to meet the needs of Covid-19  

We are working to implement a set of measures and protocols at the campsite to preserve health and guarantee the safety of our facilities, applying the highest level of eco-responsibility possible in all our practices.

Our commitment is that your stay is an experience outdoors and in contact with the land, trees and plants with maximum comfort and safety. The application of several of these social distancing measures and regulations could affect the availability of certain services or facilities.

The aim is to meet again this special season, with the whole family that has accompanied us these 50 years of camping, with our clients and friends so that they can enjoy the accommodation, facilities, nature and use the camping services without worries.


1.- Cleaning and disinfection protocols

The personnel in charge will follow the new cleaning protocols inspired by the practices of the Health Centers and recommended by the Government Authorities.

  • Cleaning of surfaces in common areas – Cleaning of the reception, toilets, bar, dining room and other common areas of the campsite will be carried out following procedures, products and frequency that are followed and used in medical centers.
  • Disinfection of accommodations and services – We use the most efficient technology and products on all surfaces, furniture and other items.
  • Sterilization of kitchens and utensils – Through cleaning products and practices following protocols used in Hospital Centers.

2.- Digital services

In order to minimize interaction and direct contact with other clients and employees, we make various technical solutions and new advanced digital applications available to camping clients.

  • Auto Check-in – Online service to carry out the check-in process with online payment prior to arrival and the allocation of the contracted accommodation, minimizing interaction with staff.
  • Camping App – With a map of the camping facilities, location of the accommodation, information on excursions, activities and digitization of the camping services, such as placing orders through the mobile phone for the products and a letter from the cafeteria – restaurant.
  • Online customer service – To communicate immediately with the camping staff, through the App or by direct phone.

3.- Social distancing rules

All protocols will be followed to facilitate social distance in the interaction of other people.

  • Safety signage – The need to respect the additional safety measures established by the Health Authorities in order to maintain physical distance and achieve protection for all, will be informed through various notices and specific posters in all common areas.
  • Reduction of capacity in facilities and common areas – We have limited the use of some facilities and the redesign of access to common areas to avoid crowds with new furniture distributions and organization of services following the new legislation, to help customers maintain social distance.
  • Information and support – The camping staff will help clients to follow the mandatory Health protocols and implement the security measures reported at the entrance of the services and in the common areas of the camping.

4.- Protocols and material for personal protection

We offer individual protection elements to all our clients, employees and suppliers during their stay and / or use of the facilities.

  • Safety and disinfection elements for clients – Access to gel disinfectant, mask and soap for hand washing.
  • Employee protection – The camping workers have the necessary material to carry out their work with all the sanitary guarantees.
  • Mandatory equipment for suppliers – Suppliers and external collaborators who access the campsite do so following the necessary security measures.

5.- Health and training for employees

For added safety, all of our personnel meet the health requirements for work.

  • Employee training – Employees have participated in informative sessions on the necessary procedures to protect other employees and customers, as well as specific training to apply safety protocols adapted to health regulations.
  • Daily self-monitoring – The camping staff undergoes checks before and after their workday.

6.- Review and update of the measures

The measures and protocols implemented will be monitored to periodically assess their evolution.

  • Monitoring and periodic review – We will review the effectiveness of the measures put in place and the necessary protocols will be adapted depending on the health situation, operational needs and applicable legislation.

Version. EN – 28.05.2020