Outdoor life is healthier, in contact with trees and vegetation «with vitamin N»

Good weather is the perfect excuse to meet with family or friends and make a different plan outdoors, such as resting or preparing a meal under a tree, elm, mulberry, olive, pine, etc.

There is nothing better than the fire of the barbecue, to give the meat or fish its most natural flavor, with respect to the fire, we must not begin to roast the meat until it reaches a uniform heat. The secret of the flavor of the barbecue is that the meat is in contact with the iron and when varying the height of the grill we will give it the right cooking touch. An idea to flavor the embers and thus improve the flavor of the meals cooked on the grill, is to add some aromatic herbs such as thyme, sage, fennel, basil, rosemary.

Although meat seems to be always essential, vegetables and seafood are also foods that can surprise us cooked on the grill. Fresh vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to almost all grilled foods, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, onions, green asparagus in slices and we can even serve them on skewers as skewers. They are always ideal to accompany both meat and fish or to take them alone.

A barbecue besides being the perfect occasion to share with family and friends, is a delicious way to eat all kinds of food.

In Reception we rent a barbecue with charcoal.