Walk along the beach and bathe in the sea. Also in spring

Our ancestors found spas, where they spent a few seasons to recover or take care of themselves. We have also discovered the sea and the beach that is undoubtedly the most economical beach of all, with the best climate and effects, and with the best water, and there we go as long as we can, because the beach brings us Health & Wellness.

It turns out that by the simple fact of breathing the seawater that crushes the waves breaking, and without having to do anything special, during all the time we are bathing in the sea or sunbathing and having fun in any way on the beach , we are performing the most extraordinary therapy for the respiratory tract. So everyone who goes to the beach with a respiratory condition, not only gives him a remedy, but also remains vaccinated against these conditions for quite some time.

And what about the beneficial effect of seawater on the skin! Who more, who less, has been with some injury in beach season, and has observed how it closed and healed cleanly in a few days thanks to the baths with seawater.

The baths in sea water, plus the sun, plus the sand, plus the microclimate of the beach, are a delight and exert a sedative effect on the nervous system.

Stroll along the beaches of La Pineda and bathe in the sea a highly recommended activity to take care of yourself and beneficial for the health of the whole family.

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