We work in the conservation of vegetation and in the planting of new shade trees and shrubs

We are preparing the new season and working on the renovation of trees in poor condition and the planting of new trees of different species including mulberry, melia, celtis australis, cercis siliquastrum, prunus pisardi, etc with the willingness to help slow down the increase of CO2.

We will also incorporate new specimens of various shrubs (oleanders, hibiscus, pittosporum, chamaerops humilis, etc); for this we ask you to help us in the conservation and maintenance of all the vegetation of the Camping and especially the youngest and most vulnerable specimens.

In recent years we have increased investment in the green infrastructure because living in contact with the land, with plants and surrounded by trees comforts us, balances us and provides us with health and well-being. On the other hand we do not understand a camping or a city without trees and we think that trees should be considered a health infrastructure in cities.

Our philosophy is to manage the Camping as a tourist accommodation establishment sensitive to the climate and respectful of the environment in an open space, natural, alive, dynamic and at the same time fragile unlike other built and lasting establishments.